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  World Class

 Texas Trout


With Best of the Best Fishers

by L. Scott Murray  

-  Stories and photos from over 30 outstanding Texas trout  anglers, featuring how, when and where they caught their "personal best" trout.

-  Timely comments and suggestions from these  fishermen on how to
improve our local trout 

-  Useful and informative scientific research on the life history of Texas trout.

-  Conservation protection measures and practices  specifically designed to establish a world-class trout fishery in Texas.

-  Actions that fishermen can take to promote good  stewardship of our trout fishery. 

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L. Scott Murray

-  A student of the Laguna Madre and  Baffin Bay for  more than 50 years.

-  Dedicated coastal conservationist.

-  Passionate about the potential of  our Texas  spotted seatrout fishery.